I offer a few unique things that will enhance your learning as a prospective trumpet student and musician.
— Tony Sadlon

Each student learns differently, has a unique playing style, and practices differently. This makes it hard to simply teach ONE way of playing the trumpet, but there are a few things that I find to be absolutely crucial to a growing musician.


     The number one rule is that we are not learning about “how to play the trumpet,” we are together learning to be musicians. 

     My students will not only leave with knowledge of their scales, and different techniques, but they will also leave with an appreciation for other instruments, styles and forms of music. 


    It is not about who you are, how high you can play, how fast your can articulate, or anything else. You will never succeed if you can not produce a rich and beautiful sound from your instrument. 


    I strive for my students to become their own teachers. I believe as an instructor I provide the tools needed to succeed, it is up to the student on how or if they use them. I also encourage my students to become examples to their peers. I hope that they can learn from their experiences and pass them along to others who may be having similar issues. 

I believe all of the above points are highly important to a students education and growth. I hope this gives you an idea of who I am and what I stand for.

Tony Sadlon
Tony Sadlon's Trumpet Studio
Phoenix, Arizona