Navy Band


This past weekend I traveled around 5-9 hours each way from Phoenix to Washington, D.C. It didn’t bother me too much knowing that I was saving a lot of money. During my long time alone on the trip I thought quite a bit. I have never been so prepared for an audition before, except maybe for college auditions. I was feeling great! Around 6:00pm I arrived at my friend EJ’s house, we caught up and then went to bed for the audition in the morning. 

Upon arrival on the Navy Base I was weighed and measured, and of course passed. I was not feeling intimidated or worried at all by the environment (as I usually am). I did most of my warm up at EJ’s house before I left and barely played at all before I went for my audition. As I walked into the giant room I still was feeling great. I played “Valdres” a pretty smooth sailing march, and sounded great, no mistakes, no blips! Next, I played my least favorite excerpt “Outdoor Overture” by Copland. It too went well with no mistakes! Now the next tune was “Variations on America” by Charles Ives. I have played this a million times, and even have it memorized. I prefer to play it on C trumpet so I grabbed the horn, blew a little air through it and began. I have never even sight read that piece as poorly as I played it, the articulation was nowhere to be found. It felt as if there was a piece of cotton stuck in my lead-pipe. 

Anyways, I was nexted and that was the end. I walked out different than I have for any other audition though. I walked out saying “Damn, I KNOW for a fact that I could have killed that first round!” Usually I walk away saying, “Yup, I always screw that part up.” Anyways, I am going to take more time when switching horns next time (The President’s Own). Hopefully that will take me to the next round and I will be a happy sailor.... or Marine!