One Week!


Well about 4 months later I am actually starting to feel the reality coming. I am leaving on January 18th for Miami, Florida. In Miami, I will begin my first REAL job onboard Royal Caribbean Cruises. I will be playing Lead Trumpet with them for a starting period of two months. After that, if I like it and they like me I can sign on for more. 

This trip will take me from Miami through the Panama Canal, to Honduras, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Panama, and many other places that I have never been. 

I have been working my tail off this past month to get acclimated with my new mouthpiece addition. The Monette B2L, a lead mouthpiece with a similar rim to what I am currently playing on. The mouthpiece has been a miracle! Unlike other lead mouthpieces I have attempted to use, this one on the first day got me up to a double G. Since then I have gone on a bit of a roller-coaster ride. I went from playing a double G, to not even being able to play a G above the staff! Then in the past couple of days I have been able to get a consistent double E. It is my goal this week to try for a consistent F, and a semi-consistent G. It has been tough, because I am really trying to make sure I keep my embouchure the same so  I still have the sound I want on my classical playing. So far so good it seems...

The only worry I have now is the reading that I will have to do. In the 10 or so charts they gave me to look at already there are a couple spots with some “funky” rhythms. I am getting better at reading them, but worried I am not going to get them as quickly as those “jazzers.” Anyways, I am going to give it my all and hopefully come out with a lot of experience, friends and wonderful memories. Plus, who knows, maybe my next career move will come from this experience?

As some of you may be wondering, I will be out of contact for those two months or longer. Unfortunately my cell phone will charge me insane amounts if I take it on the ship, so I am going to put a hold on my AT&T service. If you try calling my cellphone and get a message saying it is disconnected don’t delete it, its simply just so I can save some cash (since I will not be using it). 

However, if you would like to contact me please feel free toemail me. Unfortunately this is the best way to contact me right now. I have opened up a SKYPE account, so I will be able to call you from what seems to be my cell phone number, but you will still be unable to call me. 

I look forward to hearing from you, and I plan on taking lots of pictures and posting as often as I can on the ship!