Jewel of the Seas: Voyage 3 & 4


Since my last entry not a whole lot has happened. This last voyage, number 4, was very similar to the first voyage. We had most of the same entertainers, so it was a nice refresher of what I did way back when. 

I have finally tapped into the activities onboard, and since then I have visited the Turtle Farm & Stingray City in Grand Cayman. The turtle farm was fun because we were able to see very large turtles, and also able to pick up some smaller turtles. Then we were able to snorkel with the turtles and other fishes which was also very cool. You think turtles are slow, but they sure swim fast! 

Stingray City was also very exciting, and slightly frightening. We took a 30 minute boat ride to some shallow water where there were probably 50 stingrays swimming around. We got out and were able to pick some up and swim with them. They are pretty amazing creatures, but also very scary after the whole Steve Irwin issue. I talked with the tour guide and he said he nor any tourists have never been stung in his 40 years of touring. I was still afraid to make a wrong move and step on one. The water was also amazing, it was incredibly blue, it didn’t even look like water, it looked animated it was so blue. 

I plan to go white water rafting, swimming with the dolphins and horseback riding through the jungle on the next two voyages. I have been lucky with prices lately and only had to pay $20-25 per tour which isn’t bad. I also need to pick up some souvenirs from a couple of ports still where I haven’t been able to find a worthy enough momento for the location. 

I can not believe that my run with the Jewel of the Sea is coming near an end. That was a really fast two months, and now I am down to about 21 days left on board. I will be sure to write one last update before I sign on to the Brilliance on the 30th of March.