West Chester... OHIO OHIo OHio Ohio ohio!


What an adventure this year has been! I graduated from Indiana University, then worked my butt off at home in Phoenix, got a job on Royal Caribbean, and now I am in West Chester, Ohio. 

The last month has been crazy, I have been helping out my sisters to prepare for college, working on my websites, and creating promotional materials to get my Trumpet Studio and Wedding Services up and running when I get to Ohio.

I left Phoenix on August 22nd, stopped in Oklahoma, then hung out with all my old buddies at Indiana University for a while. It was great to be back at Indiana, while I was there I was able to meet all my old professors and get a lesson with my teacher Professor Edmund Cord. I had been worried since I got off the ship that my trumpet playing had gone south, but after one lesson with Mr. Cord I felt almost every problem I was having had been fixed. All he basically told me to do was to simply breathe and relax, sometimes it just takes a few elementary comments to fix a tough problem. 

I arrived in West Chester August 28th. Since then I have been doing everything I can to make contact with old band directors, music stores, and churches. I have had a fun time getting lost and finding my way around the city again. Since I have been here it has been a trip down memory lane almost every day. One day I saw the teacher who started me on trumpet in the 5th grade, the other day I ran into one of my best friends from Phantom Regiment who happens to be student teaching nearby at Lakota East High School, the next day I met up with a good friend from Indiana University, and I still have a bunch of other people to see in the next week.

I am super excited to get to work here in Ohio! The music programs are so much stronger here than they were in Phoenix. The only frustration has been waiting for students to come, I have missed teaching so much and can’t wait to start making a direct impact on students lives again. It has also been really difficult getting a lesson with my trumpet professor out here Daniel Zehringer. Hopefully things will settle down in the next week or so and those two problems will no longer exist. Unfortunately I chose to get here right when school started, maybe next time I will have to take that into consideration.

Thats all for now, hopefully for my next update I will be subbing for some orchestras, and have a bunch of awesome trumpet students!