ITG 2011


What an inspiring week it has been! I have never been to a trumpet convention/conference and now I see why I should be going. I heard so many phenomenal performers this week, it is insane.

I could not believe the talent and sound of Allen Vizzutti, I am convinced there is absolutely NOTHING that he can’t play. His performance just made me angry. I have no clue how to play with the level of technique that he does. Another amazing performance was by a Russian trumpet player by the name ofVladislav Lavrik. I am a fool for tone quality. Vlad had one of the best sounds I have ever heard come from a trumpet. I am still working on trying to find his recordings online, because THAT is what I want to sound like. One of the final performances that I really enjoyed was from Trombamania a trumpet ensemble from Paris, France. Their playing was so delicate and detailed, I absolutely loved it. On top of that everything they played was memorized and so together as an ensemble. I have already downloaded one of their CD’s and look forward to finding more recordings of them. 

As for the solo competition, it was a close battle. Placing first was Ryan Beach from Northwestern University. Ryan played the Tomasi Trumpet Concerto from memory, and he sure played it well. I really admired Ryan’s willingness to take so many risks for the competition. He not only memorized it, but also played it at a faster tempo, transposed the Peeters on C trumpet, and also played the Peeters at a brisk pace. 

I placed second, and was extremely content with my performance. I of course had a couple of nerves, but they really did not get in my way at all this time. I think after reading Mind Gym by Gary Mack, and some of Performance Success by Dr. Don Greene. I am finally starting to get this whole performing thing. I had to start with the Peeters which I didn’t really want to play first, but it went great. Then I played the Charles Chaynes Concerto for Trumpet, which I believe started out a little reserved, but by the third movement I was on fire. Next time I need to go out there like Ryan and just lay it down from measure one!

This was an amazing experience for me. I met so many phenomenal trumpet players and can not wait for the next opportunity to attend one of these conventions.