Holiday Update

So after two D.C. auditions, I have really come a long way. The most recent one the President’s Own Marine Band audition went really well. I had no snaps, cracks or pops in the audition and felt I played near my very best. However, I did not get advanced, which hurt a little more than usual. Usually, I walk away knowing I screwed up and would be very surprised if I got advanced, this time I felt I nailed it and still got nowhere. This next time I am going to take a different approach on tempos, and interpretation. 

Navy Band

This past weekend I traveled around 5-9 hours each way from Phoenix to Washington, D.C. It didn’t bother me too much knowing that I was saving a lot of money. During my long time alone on the trip I thought quite a bit. I have never been so prepared for an audition before, except maybe for college auditions. I was feeling great! Around 6:00pm I arrived at my friend EJ’s house, we caught up and then went to bed for the audition in the morning.