University of New Mexico


Well after an incredibly LONG process of applying, auditioning, and waiting for graduate school. I have finally come to a decision. I auditioned for Depaul University, Northwestern University, Rice University, Juilliard, Mannes, and the University of New Mexico. After my auditions I began to get an idea of where I wanted to go. Unfortunately, I had no idea how competitive it was to get a masters. The auditions I took at Northwestern, Juilliard, and Rice had about 80-150 people auditioning for 1-3 spots in the trumpet studio!

I was accepted to Mannes in New York City with a 75% scholarship. I was very excited to hear that I was accepted, then got a beefy scholarship, and then was in the top teacher, Vince Penzarella’s Studio. However, after talking to a lot of people in the Mannes office I realized that no one at that school really cared to have me. Plus even though I had a huge scholarship the costs of living in/near the city was going to be VERY expensive. 

I was also accepted to The University of New Mexico with an assistantship playing in their graduate brass quintet. This opportunity at first was going to be my last resort. Now it is my top choice. Not only do they have an amazing brass faculty right now with John Marchiando, Jeff Piper, JD Shaw and Richard White; but they also have an amazing Wind Ensemble. Next year they will be recording new music for Joe Alessi and JD Shaw. The fact that almost everyone that I would be working with called me in the last few weeks meant the world to me! I have always believed that I would rather take from someone who wants me than someone who just teaches me because they have to. 

Anyways, I am sorry that I have not updated my site in a long time. I am also very excited to head home, see my family, and save up some money for school.