The Salon


I was privileged to have found such an amazing job this summer. I made some good money, some amazing connections, and learned a whole lot about the beauty industry. 

It was a really strange time for me. This was the longest I had been with a job not having anything to do with music. I found myself conflicted for a while. My trumpet practice was dwindling, however my efforts at the salon were shining. After only a few days of work the president of the company had recognized my efforts and talent. I am always one to give my all no matter what I am doing and I was shocked to see how many people give as little as humanly possible. I don’t understand why people continue to care less and hate more. You would think with such a hard time the world is going through that people would be more sympathetic... 

This experience at the salon opened my eyes to the possibility that I can be something great even if I am not a musician. For a long time I assumed that since I was no good at math & science that I would only succeed in music and if I didn’t there would be no hope for me. This summer was very refreshing. I now know that I can do just about anything with my strong work ethic and dedication, but now it is time to throw it all into music these next two years at UNM. I am ready to get this thing on its feet and win a job that I can be proud of and enjoy for the rest of my life.